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[DE] DB Cargo hires four Vectron diesel locomotives [updated]

Home Siemens Vectron DE [DE] DB Cargo hires four Vectron diesel locomotives [updated]

Vectron DE locomotives 247 903 and 247 904 nose to nose at Mönchengladbach Hauptbahnhof on May 25, 2016. Picture by Wolfgang Scheer.

Update: During the time the four locomotives will be operated by DB Cargo, they will have a red DB livery. The machines will get stickers. - EK 01/2017

Rail Business reports: As of February 2017, DB Cargo will hire four Vectron DE locomotives from Siemens. They will be used for freight services in and around the German city of Halle, replacing locomotives of the 232, 233 and 265 series that are currently in use in this area.

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