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GB Railfreight 59003

GB Railfreight

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After being operated by DB Yeoman from September 1997 until December 1999, 59003 continued its life in Germany as a part of Heavy Haul Power International's fleet from 2001 until mid-2014. On August 19, GB Railfreight officially took over the locomotive from HHPI, after which it was adapted for services in the UK again. Also, the locomotive was given an extensive revision and a paint job into the GBRf colour scheme to make it ready for a future with its new owner. On June 5 2015, the locomotive was ready for service again. In October of that year, the locomotive made its first appearance in revenue service.


Fleet list

Manufacturer: Works number: Year of construction: Type: Axle configuration: Company Locomotive number        
GM (LaGrange) 848002-3 1985 JT26CW-SS Co'Co'-de GBRf 59003 29 pictures(s) available Revisions available