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TRAXX DE Multi Engine

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In 2012, Bombardier presented its TRAXX DE 'Multi-Engine'. The exterior is not much different from older TRAXX products. What is new and innovative for this modern European diesel locomotive, is on the inside. The TRAXX DE ME has four heavy-duty industrial diesel engines with 540 kW each. They offer a more efficient, fuel-saving, environmental friendly alternative to the singe-engine solution.

Fleet Overview

Technical Details

Total length 18900 mm
Total height 4264 mm
Total width 2977 mm
Distance between bogies 10440 mm
Distance between axles within bogie 2600 mm
Clearance profile UIC 505-1
Axle characteristics  
Wheel diameter new 1250 mm
Wheel diameter worn 1170 mm
Axle arrangement Bo'Bo'
Track gauge 1435 mm
Total weight (empty) 82 tonnes
Axle load 20.5 tonnes
Traction performance  
Top speed 160 km/h
Starting tractive effort 300 kN
Braking effort 150 kN
Propulsion characteristics  
Fuel tank capacity 4000 L
Diesel engine manufacturer CAT
Diesel engine type C18 (4x)
Power rating 2256 kW
Number of cylinders per engine 6
Number of traction motors 4
Electrical transmission AC
Emission standards  
Noise TSI CR Noise
Exhaust EU 97/68 Stage IIIb