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[PL] Gama DE continues to give PKP IC headaches

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PKP IC SU160-001 at Lublin on 10.07.2015. Picture by Maciej Malec.

Rynek-Kolejowy reports that the technical problems with the Pesa Gama DE locomotives of PKP IC continue to give its owner headaches. On 31 October 2018, merely half of the ten-strong fleet was in service.

The continuing issues with the Class SU160 diesels have forced PKP Intercity to replace the locos with slower Class SM42 diesel locomotives on the non-electrified parts of the route between Lublin naar Łuków. Between Łuków and Warsaw, electrics take over. Due to (delayed) construction works, the main route from Lublin to Warsaw via Deblin is not usable, creating further problems.

Current status of the Gama DE fleet:
- 3x engine damage
- 2x damage repair
- 5x usable

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