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[EU] Innotrans featuring: Pesa Gama 111Db-001

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Two years ago, Polish rolling stock manufacturer Pesa presented a newly developed locomotive listening to the name Gama. Pesa promised that the machine would be the basis for an entirely new locomotive family. The first step of the diversification of the Gama family was shown at Innotrans 2014.

Was there an electric (DC) locomotive with supplemental combustion engine at the fair in 2012, this time Pesa put a diesel-electric machine in the center of attention. After 111Ed-001 Gama 'Marathon' in 2012, there was now the 111Db-001 sporting the corporate colors and logos of PKP Intercity.

This particular livery is the result of a very long period of negotiations. Only one week before the fair Pesa and PKP Intercity signed a contract for the delivery of ten Gama diesel-electric locomotives. Two tenders were needed to find a manufacturer that met the demands of PKP. Both tenders were won by Pesa, but the first time PKP called the deal of because it regarded the bid of Pesa not realistic. Especially the maintenance costs were considered to be too low. The second time Pesa again got the order, but signing the contract was postponed until the second week of september 2014.

For Pesa it is the second order for its Gama locomotive platform. Koleje Mazowieckie has ordered two DC-locomotives for its additional double deck trains.

The 111Db-001 at Innotrans was completed by Pesa before any delivery deal was signed. It is therefore not being built to delivered to PKP. The logos and colours of the operators will be removed again. PKP will get ten new locomotives, that still need to be built. Pesa is meanwhile negotiating with other operators to sell this 'prototype'.

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