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[PL] Pesa builds 19D prototype with IPS Tabor

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Proposed technical design of the 19D locomotive. Graphic by IPS Tabor.

Polish rail vehicle institute IPS Tabor has been working on the development of a modernized version of the Polish type SM48 diesel locomotive. The project is jointly performed with PESA Bydgoszcz and co-financed by the Polish National Research and Development Center. The six-axle loco has been given the type designation 19D and, according to IPS Tabor, the concept would have to meet the following general requirements:

- modern diesel engine(s) meeting Stage IIIB emission legislation
- modern generators
- electric circuit meeting the requirements for interference and noise
- drives supporting the use of alternating current motors
- a modern brake system with pneumatic parking brake
- microprocessor control system and diagnostics of the drive and the entire locomotive
- modern cabins with new acoustic and thermal insulation, and modern air conditioner (or cooler) and other sanitary facilities for improved ease of use
- upgraded bogies improving running characteristics, improving the tightness of the transmission, improving the durability of the rim (as a result of flange lubrication systems) and improving the durability of the traction motors (change of insulation)
- modern detection systems, alarms and fire extinguishing for all systems

Meanwhile, the project has left the drawing board and is executed at the Pesa works in Bydgoszcz, where a first prototype locomotive has reached an advanced stage of construction.

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