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[RO] Electroputere VFU and Reloc Craiova launch dual-engine Terra Nova

Home Grampet Group [RO] Electroputere VFU and Reloc Craiova launch dual-engine Terra Nova

A consortium of the Romanian companies Electroputere VFU and Reloc Craiova has developed a new diesel locomotive with the name Terra Nova. The Terra Nova is the first diesel-hydraulic shunting locomotive built in Romania after 24 years, but also its dual-engine propulsion system makes it special. On May 20, it was officially presented.

The machine is equipped with two Caterpillar C18 engines that deliver 630hp each and that are connected to two TR43 hydraulic transmissions. The bogies of the locomotive can be adapted for different track gauges, ranging from 1000mm narrow gauge to 1600mm broad gauge. With a maximum tractive effort of 230kN, the Terra Nova is suited for shunting heavy freight trains in marshalling yards. Its maximum speed of 100km/h and a fuel capacity of 3000l, also allow for light mainline operations. The machine complies with EU Stage IIIB emission standards.

Electroputere VFU and Reloc Craiova, which are both part of the Grampet Group, will deliver 8 locomotives to one or more undisclosed customers in Western Europe. The companies indicate to have capacity available for the production of up to 360 locomotives over the next 10 years.

(Grampet Group)

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