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[GR] Rail Cargo Logistics - Goldair to launch own services

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RCLG 220 032 in Thessaloniki on 26 June 2018. Picture by Chris Mavropoylos.

As from September 2018, Rail Cargo Logistics - Goldair A.E. will run its own scheduled freight services as the first open-access rail freight operator in Greece. The company is a joint venture between the Rail Cargo Group, which is owned by Austria's BB, and the Goldair Group.

Initially, operations will be limited to trains between the Sindos industrial center near Thessaloniki and the Thessaloniki rail yard, servicing various industrial companies. Later on, mainline services are to commence towards the border with Macedonia. The company eyes an initial fleet of four locomotives, consisting of two Adtranz DE2000 diesels and two Siemens HellaSprinter electrics. These locos will be leased from the Greek state through GAIAOSE S.A., which performs property and vehicle management for the Greek state.

220 032 in Tithorea on 1 July 2016, when its was still operated by TRAINOSE. Picture by Stathis Chaidemeno.

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