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NEWAG's 6Dl is dual-engine shunter and light mainline locomotive with a maximum speed of 90km/h. The locomotives are not completely new, but heavily modernized SM42 locomotives. Only some parts of the original locomotive have been used, such as the chassis. For the rest, the 6Dl is completely new.  The locomotives are equipped with two Caterpillar C18 engines rated 563kW each and comply with Stage IIIb emission rules. Ten of the type were delivered by NEWAG to Polish long distance operator PKP Intercity.


Technical Details

Total length 14240 mm
Total height ? mm
Total width 3130 mm
Clearance profile UIC 505-1
Axle characteristics  
Wheel diameter 1100 mm
Axle arrangement Bo'Bo'
Track gauge 1435 mm
Total weight 70 tonnes
Axle load 17.5 tonnes
Traction performance  
Top speed 90 km/h
Starting tractive effort 219 kN
Continuous tractive effort (at 13.5 km/h) ? kN
Propulsion characteristics  
Fuel tank capacity ? L
Diesel engine manufacturer Caterpillar
Diesel engine type 2x C18
Power rating 2x 563 kW
Number of cylinders 2x 18
Rated speed 1800 rpm
Idle speed ? rpm
Number of traction motors 4
Traction motor type LSA 430
Emission standards  
Exhaust EU 97/68 Stage IIIb

Fleet List

Hersteller Fabriknummer Baujahr Fahrzeugtyp Bauart Loknummer        
Newag 6Dl-001 2014 6Dl Bo'Bo'-de PKP IC SU4210-001
Newag 6Dl-002 2014 6Dl Bo'Bo'-de PKP IC SU4210-002
Newag 6Dl-003 2015 6Dl Bo'Bo'-de PKP IC SU4210-003
Newag 6Dl-004 201x 6Dl Bo'Bo'-de PKP IC SU4210-004
Newag 6Dl-005 2015 6Dl Bo'Bo'-de PKP IC SU4210-005
Newag 6Dl-006 2015 6Dl Bo'Bo'-de PKP IC SU4210-006
Newag 6Dl-007 2015 6Dl Bo'Bo'-de PKP IC SU4210-007
Newag 6Dl-008 2015 6Dl Bo'Bo'-de PKP IC SU4210-008
Newag 6Dl-009 2015 6Dl Bo'Bo'-de PKP IC SU4210-009
Newag 6Dl-010 2015 6Dl Bo'Bo'-de PKP IC SU4210-010