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[GB] DRS/Beacon Rail dual-mode order confirmed

Home Stadler Rail Valencia UK DUAL [GB] DRS/Beacon Rail dual-mode order confirmed

According to IRJ, DRS has confirmed their order for 10 Vossloh dual-mode locomotives. Just like the Class 68 UKLight diesels, Beacon Rail Leasing will be the owner of the locos and will subsequently lease them to Direct Rail Services. First deliveries are expected for 2015.

The dual-modes, which are to be designated as Class 88, will have a lot in common with the Class 68 diesel locomotives. Not only will bodyshells and cabs be alike, but also the braking system and bogies, as well as various computer and traction systems.

Class 88s are true “Dual Mode” locomotives combining both 25kv Electric and Diesel Electric operating modes. Key features of the Class 88 locomotive include 4MW ABB equipment delivering a continuous electric power rating on the 25KV network, 700kW diesel engine for work away from overhead network (delivering 317KN of Tractive Effort in both modes), Superior adhesion capacity, Nominal 100mph top speed, 500KW ETH rating and Regenerative braking.

Read more about it on Railcolor.net: link.

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