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[Site news] New: the RailAdventure Special

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RailAdventure 103 222-6 passing Vellmar with Beacon Rail > DRS 88001 in tow on April 10, 2016. Picture by Christian Klotz.

Old electrics on MainlineDiesels.net? Yes, but only two: RailAdventure's 103 222 and 139 558.

More and more, Railcolor and Mainline Diesels receive pictures of modern locomotive transports to trade fairs, test centers, etc. that are pulled by RailAdventure locomotives. In some cases, the RailAdventure locomotive is the most prominent vehicle in the picture and the picture ends up in the 'wrong' vehicle profile.

For that reason, we now have the RailAdventure Special, so the pictures of these oldies are collected in the right place. Please be aware that we will only show pictures of the 103 and 139 in their RailAdventure period. Older pictures are also welcome, but will not appear online on Mainline Diesels or Railcolor.

RailAdventure 139 558 passes Owschlag on March 8, 2014. Picture by Jens Vollertsen.

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