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[IL] Additional NGT26CW-3 diesels arrive in Israel

Home TV Gredelj NGT26CW-3: Israel Railways [IL] Additional NGT26CW-3 diesels arrive in Israel

Israel Railways 717T still carries its temporary Croatian designation 98 78 2063 154-5 as it is being unloaded at the port of Haifa on 6 August 2017. Picture by Yaron Dozetas.

Together with partner NREC, TV Gredelj has commenced the delivery of new NGT26CW-3 diesel locomotives to Israel Railways. On August 6, the first four of seven additional locomotives were unloaded at the port of Haifa and subsequently forwarded between locos 704 and 1407 for further commissioning. Delivery of the remaining three locomotives is scheduled to take place in early-September.

With the arrival of the four locomotives, Israel Railways' fleet of the type grows to ten. In 2015, the first six locomotives were delivered to Israel, designated 710T-715T. At the time, it was already indicated that if the locos proved successful, the options for a further six locos would be exercised. It now seems that an additional locomotive has been ordered on top of the six optional locomotives originally envisaged.

On August 6, Israel Railways EURO 4000 locomotive 1407 is almost ready to depart from the port of Haifa with the four newly arrived locomotives, as Prima 704 is prepared to be attached to the back of the train for additional braking power. Picture by Yaron Dozetas.

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