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[CL] EMD to deliver 6 GT46AC locomotives to Ferronor in Chile

Home GM / EMD / Progress Rail GT46AC [CL] EMD to deliver 6 GT46AC locomotives to Ferronor in Chile

An EMD GT46AC locomotive at an unknown location. Picture by EMD.

Today, EMD announced an order for six metre-gauge GT46AC locomotives from Chile's Ferronor. We are pleased that Ferronor selected the EMD GT46AC locomotive. The increased productivity and performance of our AC traction represents the latest in EMD technology. Compared to a six-axle DC locomotive, the AC traction system provides approximately 40 percent more tractive effort, allowing locomotive unit replacement and much improved life cycle cost, said Billy Ainsworth, EMD CEO.

To improve emissions and fuel economy, the 4,500 brake horsepower GT46AC locomotive offers a 16 cylinder 710G3C engine with electronic unit injection; variable speed cooling fans and traction motor blowers that optimize cooling while limiting parasitic load; and a split cooling radiator system.

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