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[ZA] PRASADUAL: the first hybrid locomotive for South-Africa

Home Stadler Rail Valencia PRASA DUAL [ZA] PRASADUAL: the first hybrid locomotive for South-Africa

This is the second new hybrid locomotive outshopped by Vosslo.. uuh, Stadler Rail this year. Meet the PRASADUAL, the first hybrid (dieselelectric+electric) for South-African passenger operator PRASA. This operator will lease the machines, of which 50 units are planned, from leasing company Swifambo. At least that was the plan. Now there is a dispute over these orders that has been taken to court. It is unclear what the effect will be on the PRASADUAL project.

We see a locomotive with a completely new cab design. The total height of the machine seems to be lower compared to the EURO/AFRO4000s (The height is reportedly a deal breaker with the PRASA AFRO4000s, although the machines are approved now for large parts of the PRASA rail network). The PRASADUAL, with 1.067 mm gauge bogies, should have a power output of 3 MW in electric mode and 2.8 MW in diesel mode. The diesel engine comes from Caterpillar (type C175). Maximum speed is 140 kph.

(Malcolm Wilton-Jones / Vossloh-rail-vehicles.com)