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The PRASA DUAL is a bi-mode locomotive specifically designed for passenger services in South Africa and which loosely relates to Stadler's EURO DUAL. Ordered in a quantity of 50 locomotives through Swifambo Rail Leasing in 2013, the PRASA DUAL introduced a new cab design that moves away from the design used for the EURO series up till then. Note the difference with the AFRO 4000 design. The PRASA DUAL has 1,067 mm bogies and has a maximum speed of 140 km/h. In electric mode, the loco has a power output of 3 MW. In diesel mode, the Caterpillar C175-16 engine can deliver up to 2.8 MW.


Due to a dispute between PRASA  and Swifambo Rail Leasing and internal disputes within PRASA, the status of the PRASA DUAL and AFRO 4000 orders became unclear. In May 2017, the orders seemed to be on hold awaiting an outcome. A number of locos had already been constructed, but were kept at the works in Albuixech. It later became clear that the orders for both the AFRO 4000 and the PRASA DUAL had been cancelled due to irregularities in the procurement process.


Production List

Manufacturer: Works number: Year of construction: Type: Axle configuration: Company Locomotive number        
Stadler 2801 2016 PRASA DUAL Bo'Bo'-el/de PRASA ? 1 pictures(s) available
Stadler 2802 2016 PRASA DUAL Bo'Bo'-el/de PRASA ?
Stadler 2803 2016 PRASA DUAL Bo'Bo'-el/de PRASA ?
Stadler 2804 2016 PRASA DUAL Bo'Bo'-el/de PRASA ?